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My name is Satoka Suzuki and I am the founder of BioNatura&co, and I’m a Japanese living in London since February 2012.Before coming to London, I had worked in the cosmetic industry in Tokyo and I was responsible for the E-commerce marketing and sales for a fast growing company for over 7 years.

In the last 2 and half years I have represented a Japanese online shopping platform specialised in organic and Natural products. During this time I have undertaken various Market Research involving more than 2,000 brands worldwide, participated in many industry focused trade shows and have approached many Producers and Makers to establish partnership helping them to enter the Japanese Market.

Also, I’m a contribute writer for online publications writing articles to support the industry and encourage consumers.

I developed a keen interest in organic food and natural lifestyle back in 2014 and I have always tried my best to buy organic products. Since my first kid was born in January 2017, I have always been trying to buy organic products. Now, over 90% of our household has organic products or 100% natural items.

Whenever I go back to Tokyo I feel so much frustrated as most of the food items there contain food additives and it’s not easy to buy organic foods in any of the available supermarkets, especially when I look for baby’s food. It is very disappointing that the Japanese market is totally different compared to other countries which provide mostly organic baby’s food or 100% natural without any food additives. The reasons behind this may be that until now, ready-made food is quite convenient for all of us and convenience has been a priority for consumers. Such food items are easy to prepare and preserved. Also, makers or producers have a mass market and usually use food additives such as stabiliser and preservation for management or distribution reasons – all they think about is profit rather than their customer’s health.

These enumerated reasons above for the lack of organic food in the markets are, however, causing a huge gap between the Japanese market and other countries market. I sincerely want to change this in Japan, as eating healthy and natural can really improve a lot of things in our body. More so, I want to support the farmers, makers, and producers who rightly do the job as it ought to be with the aim of producing and supplying the appropriate products to consumers, as against the companies who promote their ill-fated products filled with unhealthy ingredients, artificial flavors or food additive. I believe that when we support and will start buying organic foods, the market will also start changing as they are totally based on consumer’s demand.

There is a huge potential for growth in the Japanese market; it just needs to be supported. Having lived and still living in an country that is advanced in the organic industry, and having read and acquired knowledge about the many benefits of organic production, I strongly wish that the Japanese can as well, learn from them to produce better. Also, I would like to activate these industries more, so that everyone can have easy access to organic and 100% natural food. And, I will try my best to influence and encourage the producers and consumers to expand the Japanese organic and natural market.

I am on a mission and I would like to ask for your support and to ride this adventure together.

I am launching a website where Japanese can read all the available useful information about Natural and Organic available around the world. I have attached slides that hopefully will persuade you to Join BioNatura&Co!!!